Alpha Clean Sarasota is Sarasota County's premium window cleaning service specializing in low-rise residential and commercial glass cleaning.

We at Alpha Clean Sarasota have the tools, experience and work ethic to care for all your window cleaning needs.

Alpha Clean is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection - Up to $1 Million per incident.

Alpha Clean guarantees the quality of all residential work up to 7 calendar days after completion.

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About The Owner

Raised in Venice, Florida, owner Samuel Kaercher has years of experience cleaning windows, dating back to his first job out of high school where he catered to customers like Harrison Ford, Martha Stewart and Bob Vila at their Gasparilla Island homes. After his employer sold the window business in 2005, Samuel went to work for a local restaurant chain, where he stayed for 10 years until setting out on a business venture of his own. Now married and living in Venice, Samuel is determined to bring the same quality service to his home town that the wealthy residents of Gasparilla enjoyed prior.

About The Company

We at Alpha Clean believe in delivering the best value to all our customers. We are a family owned and operated business and we take our local reputation very seriously. That is why we strive to make each and every customer feel like they are the ONLY customer. We pay close attention to the details that make business a pleasure: Communication, Promptness and Quality.


In addition to traditional squeegee methods, we use a pure water cleaning system with dual-stage filtration to make sure your glass gets as clean as possible. Our customer service is second to none and we guarantee the quality of all our work. 


- Time and Money

Hiring a professional window cleaner saves your valuable time for other important things. In this busy world, time is money and cleaning your own windows could consume your precious time for days. Professional window cleaners can complete the same job in just hours, leaving your schedule open to do as you please.


- Safety

Ladder accidents account for over 125,000 emergency room visits each year in the U.S. About 97% of those accidents occur at home. What's the lesson? Don't climb a ladder if you don't have to!

A professional window cleaner will take all the risk for you. Professionals have the experience and knowledge to work from a ladder safely. Don't risk serious injury just to save a few bucks; a trip to the ER will cost considerably more than a pro window cleaning.

- Quality Results

Many homeowners try cleaning their own windows, only to call a professional in the end because they weren't able to get their windows looking great (or even good) in a reasonable amount of time. Sure, a little Windex and some paper towels are fine for smudges and the occasional fingerprint, but only a strip washer and squeegee in capable hands can keep every inch of every window looking like new all year.

Why Hire The Pros?