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Ballpark Pricing Guide

Use this simple visual guide to determine approximate prices for the services you require. 

Please keep in mind that all prices listed online are ballpark figures based on local averages.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our prices, or to schedule a free in-home estimate.

Small Houses, Condominiums & Duplex Units
(1,000 sq ft - 1,500 sq ft)

Service Packages

Ambassador - Glass surfaces thoroughly cleaned. Windows remain shut. Screens and frames lightly brushed for dust & debris.

Presidential - Glass surfaces thoroughly cleaned. Windows opened, tracks and frames lightly brushed to remove dust and debris. Screens thoroughly scrubbed & washed.

Royal - Glass surfaces thoroughly cleaned. Windows opened, tracks 

vacuumed and scrubbed clean, exterior frames dusted and wet scrubbed. Screens thoroughly scrubbed & washed.

Medium Houses
(1,500 sq ft - 2,250 sq ft)
Large Houses
(2,250 sq ft - 3,000 sq ft)
Extra Large Houses
(3,000 sq ft - 4,000 sq ft)
(4,000 sq ft+)
Online Pricing Not Available
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