Frequently Asked Questions


We always enjoy explaining the details of our work to our customers. Here are a few of the more commonly asked questions about our services and window cleaning in general. If you don't see your question listed, feel free to contact us directly and get the answers you need.

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Why are your rates higher than some competitors?


In a nutshell, Ferrari service does not come from Yugo pricing. Due to the nature of our work, safety is paramount and followed closely by our unparalled commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Our rates are carefully calculated to balance value with responsible business practices. We never take advantage of our customers and seek always to provide exceptional service at a price they can justify. We do offer distinct pricing levels to fit almost any budget, and are happy to work with our customers to tailor a service package for their exact needs.


Our goal is to charge just enough so that we may work at a pace that is safe and yet profitable. We could never abide a critical error resulting in damage to your property or our own bodies, especially if that error was caused by hasty work while struggling to average a certain hourly wage. 



Why did my neighbor get a different price for the same service?


Please understand that every home is different and presents its own unique challenges. Even homes that appear similar may have many differences when it comes to the relative ease or difficulty of cleaning their windows. Some homes may have exterior landscaping and interior furnishing that slows or prevents access to certain windows. Others may have exceptionally dirty or neglected glass and frames. Rest assured that we do make every effort to offer consistent pricing when all other factors are equal.



How often should I get my windows cleaned?


Just like everything else on your home, glass needs regular maintenance too! Most homeowners prefer to have their exterior windows cleaned 2-4 times a year, and their interior windows cleaned 1-2 times a year. While the primary benefit to clean windows is cosmetic, dirt, grime and mineral deposits on the surface can also harm the glass by staining or etching if they are left there too long. Beachfront homes are bombarded by salty air that can cause premature corrosion of the frames and seals. Areas with sprinkler systems and hard water can see mineral etching over time. The best way to combat these negative effects is to have the windows routinely washed and even chemically sealed to prevent damage from the natural elements.



Will rain affect my nice clean windows?


Rain water is generally very pure and has few, if any, dissolved solids. Windows can APPEAR dirtier after a rain storm due to smearing of dirt that is already present on the surface. As long as the windows and house siding are clean, then the rain should have little effect on your windows. If by some chance the rain DOES cause a problem after cleaning, Alpha Clean guarantees the quality of all residential work up to 7 calendar days after completion. 



What does Alpha Clean's quality guarantee entail?


We at Alpha Clean take the quality of your cleaning very seriously. Many window cleaners guarantee the satisfactory quality of their work, but we like to take it a step further.  If for any reason your windows are unusually soiled or marred within the first week following our cleaning, we will come back to correct the problem. Whether it's due to unsatisfactory workmanship, bad weather, abnormal exterior soiling (bird poop, tree sap), or malicious pranks (paintball guns; eggs; rotten fruit) we will return to make sure that your house windows look great - up to seven calendar days from the initial cleaning. Our guarantee does not cover fingerprints, hard water stains left by sprinkler systems, or other soiling from normal handling and body contact.



What if my windows are stained from exposure to hard water?


Have no fear! We at Alpha Clean Sarasota are experts at removing hard water stains and etching. We use only biodegradable compounds to treat the surface and remove mineral buildup. Then we use a very mild abrasive compound to buff the surface of the glass and restore it to clean and sparkling brilliance. Our process leaves the glass looking as good as new and allows our customers the option of RESTORING rather than REPLACING. No haze or film will remain on the surface after a successful treatment.



Won't the hard water stains just come back eventually anyway?


Even properly treated glass will eventually get stained again if it is neglected. We recommend first to mitigate the source of the stains - usually a misaligned sprinkler head shooting well water too high on the house. Secondly, we are able to treat the surface of the glass with a special chemical that discourages future staining.


The protective chemical film does not last forever and will require periodic renewal to remain effective. However, our treatments are availabe at a very reasonable cost and can be combined with your regular window cleaning as frequently as necessary to be effective.